Dog Trainers School Hosts Training Weekend in Wisconsin

Every year we host a continuing education workshop called E-palooza. The E in E-palooza stands for many things: Education, Enhancement, Entertainment, Excitement…..and we had it all. This was year number 5.

Thus, E-palooza 5!

The weekend is hosted through our school for professional dog trainers, the TMD E-cademy. This year our guests participated in workshops on Agility, Business Skills, Marketing via video, Remote Collar Training, Puppy Development and an NLP workshop on how to help clients learn to interact with their dogs more effectively. With over 50 dog trainers from around the country and abroad in attendance plus lots of great dogs….it was a great weekend

Our theme was “Get Your Piece of the Pie” so we are especially proud of all those who came forward to promote and share their products, ideas and tips for helping the dog world become a better place for owners and professionals alike. We saw some cool equipment, tools for marketing, toys and ideas for building business and adding value to what we offer our dog owners. Woof to those of you who stepped it up!