Dubuque Farmer’s Market goes to the Dogs!


Last Saturday we took our dog training group class to the Dubuque Farmer’s Market for an outing to practice good behavior and manners. You can see from the photo, they all did fantastic!

We spent an hour wandering among the vendors and the large crowd that was present on a gorgeous Saturday morning. Just the challenge of negociating the crowded sidewalk, plus walking past a host of baked goods, fresh dairy and meat products should of been enough of a challenge. But our canines really proved themselves as crowds of old and young alike gathered around to say hello and give everyone a nice scratch.

It was the way it is supposed to be. Families being able to take their dog along on an outing and still be able to relax and have an enjoyable experience because the dog isn’t pulling, lunging, barking and generally being a public nuisance. Nope. It was just fun for all.

We will be there again this Saturday August 1st as we participate in their Annual Dog Days of Summer event. From 8:00 am until 11:00am stop by and visit and watch some fun demonstrations of tricks and agility. And for any of our clients, join us at 9:00 am as we hold our normal Saturday polishing class right there in the street!

Hope many of you can join us.