Dubuque Dogs keeping it Clean!

Thanks to those who showed up to help our That’s My Dog! team take part in the Downtown Clean Up Project this past weekend. It sure was a cold and rainy day for it! But I am proud of all those who participated to help make the city of Dubuque, IA just a little nicer.

I gotta say when we requested to clean the Port of Dubuque area I thought we might be in for picking up lots of poop since we frequently see dogs walking in that area, but it wasn’t the case. I only found 2 piles. In comparison, I bet I picked up 5000 cigarette butts. 🙁 And most of the cache were within 10 feet of the proper receptacles for disposal.

Just in case you think it’s no big deal because they are “bio degradable” you might want to think again and read this.

Simple message folks, take some pride in your community, whether you make the mess or your dog does…Pick it up and dispose of it properly. Raise your kids with the same mentality. It is really easy, just a matter of getting into the habit.

Thanks for all who joined the effort. We’ll see you again next year and in the meantime, me and Tom will keep “getting the trash”