Dog Adventure Challenge

This is the last week for our New Adventure Challenge. Find a new trail or park and get out there and explore with your dog. Send your stories and photos to our Facebook page and 3 winners will be selected at the end of the month for prizes and to be featured in our June Newsletter.

Me, Tom and Diva took one of our walks this past week through downtown Dubuque, Iowa. I decided to get off of our familiar route and in our wanderings we found an interesting flight of steps that wound up the bluff and ended up at this great look out point with a plaque that marked it’s historical significance. It was a spot I had never been to before and I suspect many people in the city are not even aware it exists. We enjoyed the view along with the early morning sounds of the birds and the city coming to life below.

Dog Adventure Challenge


Our walk back home meandered past some wonderful old Victorian homes and gorgeous gardens. It was certainly worth our time to take a new route.

Hope you and your canine friends carve out a little time to explore this week also.