Dog Training with an Electronic Remote Training Collar

Our online dog training membership site has been having a recent discussion about “how long must a dog wear the remote training collar before being reliable?” One of our members shared her experience and I requested permission to publish her thoughts here.

From Patricia:

FWIW – I never stopped putting the ecollar on my previous dog when we would go for walks outside of the yard. The dog didn’t necessarily need it but I did! The dog was a pointer/lab mix with a high prey drive and loved to chase. When I had the collar on her I was confident that I could control a particular situation that may come up (deer chase, porcupine, etc.). I began to notice that I was much more relaxed and would give the dog more freedom because I had confidence that I had control. When I would go without the collar I was much more on-edge and tended to keep the dog much closer to me than I would with collar. We both enjoyed the walks much more with collar than without! But again, I think I needed it more than the dog…

The remote collar isn’t so much about the dog, but about the handler. Their perception, use and ability to communicate with their dog. Very nice Patricia. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!