Dog Training DVD – My Dog Ate It?

Real life and living with a dog is always way more funny than anything I can imagine or come up with for writing material. The proof of that is in this e-mail I received from a recent buyer of my dog training DVD.

Hi Robin,
I just received your Remote Trainer DVD and it is superb.
It’s kind of funny though, because I now have to request for another booklet that came with the DVD.
I know, it’s probably the biggest cliche out there, but it happened.
I didn’t even get a chance to read it yet.

Is there anyway to get another copy of it?

It made me smile!! Yep, real life with a dog, never a dull moment and always their ability to keep us humble. It happens to all of us, even us professional trainers. We have our stories of our own dogs swallowing an unmentionable or causing an embarrassing moment by making off with Sunday dinner right before the guests arrive.

Well at least I can assure the author of this note that he and his dog will benefit from even better communication and a stronger relationship after working through the concepts on the DVD and of course I will be there to help with more articles, video clips and yes, the booklet on our membership site that can support his dog training adventures!