Dog & Puppy Training Solutions Online with That’s My Dog! Inc.

Dog training online……who knew I’d be involved in such a venture! And it has been a blast helping the pet owners from our membership site work through dog and puppy training problems. Each week on Wed. nights, myself, plus friend and colleague, Jt Clough, do live broadcasts to answer questions and cover various dog training and health related topics.
Of course the technology part is the hardest bit for me. I am figuring out how to upload our weekly broadcasts here on the blog. Looks like this time it worked! and hopefully from here on in, you can catch the show if you can’t join us live.
Here is our April 22nd broadcast on How to Manage Your Dog Reactive Dog When Out for a Walk

I was working from Louisville, KY where I was working as a product rep for Dogtra Company and Jt was at her place in San Diego. There is a little lag time as we switch locations but the info should help those of you dealing with dogs who are difficult to walk when they see another dog.