Board and Train Programs. A Jump Start on Good Behavior

Board and train programs can work wonders for a quick start on better manners and behavior with your dog.

Enrolling your dog in a board and train program involves leaving your dog with a trainer or training facility for an extended period. Programs can range from a few days to a few weeks in length depending on the needs of the dog and goals for the training program.

On occasion, I’ve heard people dismiss the value of a board and train program stating that the best way for a dog to learn is by the owner doing the training themselves. These folks tend to believe that either group lessons or private in home lessons are the only way to get the job done.

While I do agree that an owner must learn how to work with their dog, I do not believe that it is mandatory for the owner to do all the work.

If that were the ONLY way to achieve a desirable outcome, then there would be little success for most of the assistance dog programs. Due to physical limitations it is typically necessary for those dogs to have initial training and proofing work done by a professional before being placed on the recipient.

What is essential for a successful outcome of board and train dog training is that the owner is adequately coached through a series of follow-up lessons once they reunite with their dog.  Access to following up and coaching is essential so that an owner can become comfortable with the tools or techniques used in their dog’s initial training.

Since a dog cannot be “programmed” to behave perfectly, and situations will vary for individual dogs, owners must become competent at learning how to follow through with their dog.

There are many benefits to a board and train program, particularly if the work that needs to be done involves any rehabilitation effort.

At That’s My Dog! we offer Board and Train Programs. They are extremely effective for a variety of reasons:

A professional dog trainer is doing all the beginning work.

This means less stress on the dog and faster understanding due to minimizing the possibility of training mistakes that an otherwise inexperienced owner might make.

Immersion into new habits for a few weeks expedites the move toward habituation.

Some people prefer to enroll in a boot camp to change their eating or exercise habits. In the same way, a dog can learn faster by being immersed through consistent routines through a board and train dog training program.

Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed.

For dogs that have a history of behavioral problems, a fresh start can be just what is required to get the dog and the owner back on track. By removing the dog from the home for a few weeks, the dog has a chance to focus on learning and adopting new behaviors without the familiarity of the old environment that often contributed to the problem. Once a dog has a chance to fully learn these new skills it is easier for the owner to bring the dog back home and begin to implement them successfully.

Give some thought as to whether or not board and train dog training is the right option for you and your dog. It just might be the perfect solution, plus you can plan a vacation for yourself while Fido is away at camp!View Our Board and Train ProgramIf you have any questions, feel free to contact us!