Basic Obedience Dog Training Classes for November 2015

That’s My Dog! will be offering Basic Obedience Dog Training Classes starting on Tuesday, November 3rd. This will be a 7-week course for you and your dog to learn and train together.

Are you are tired of being dragged down the street by your dog pulling on leash? Frustrated with the chaos of dealing with a barking, jumping dog whenever a visitor comes to your door? Then it is time to consider joining our next group obedience training class.


In our Basic Obedience Dog Training Class you will teach your dog to:

  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Stay calmly on bed or mat
  • Sit and Stay
  • Lie Down and Stay
  • Come when called (with mild to moderate distractions)
  • Limit jumping up, barking and other nuisance behaviors


Robin MacFarlane, owner and training director of That’s My Dog! coaches each class and instructs you on how to develop a stronger relationship with your dog. Each week you will learn the skills to improve your communication and build better behavior.


*For more details or to register click here!