Walking your dog in Dubuque? Just Do It !

Anyone who has worked with us here at TMD has likely heard the phrase “Movement Dissipates Stress” We emphasis that thought in our teaching and in our “doing”. The professional trainers attending the E-cademy hear it over and over and our clients practice it each time they attend a lesson or group  class.

Stress is part of life and all of us, human and canine need ways to cope with it. Staying idle and stewing is certainly an option but in my experience that only creates more anxiety and increases frustration, sometimes even to the point of aggressive behavior.

We believe the healthier option is to get moving. Get out; go for a walk, a bike ride, a jog or any aerobic activity that puts the body into motion. Of course, this goes for our dogs as well. Dog’s that live active lives experience far less behavioral problems than their sedentary counterparts. When dogs are experiencing frustration, fear or anxiety one of the best things you can do for them is to simply get them moving. Movement can come in the form of playing a game of frisbee or fetch or it can be achieved simply by going for a walk. Walking alleviates pent up energy and tension.

Next time your dog is showing signs of fearfulness try putting on the leash and walking briskly with a carefree attitude. Even if you are just walking circles in the living room or teaching the dog to tread mill, I think you will find your dog better able to cope with the *scary* sound or event once their body is in motion. For those dogs that are reactive and barking at every person or dog they see
when they are out for a walk, pick up the pace significantly and carry on your way. The change in pace can re-focus the dog to keeping up with you rather than giving them time to fully engage in the barking and lunging.

Movement, movement, movement……it is hard to worry and walk at the same time, so get going!

Get on your walking shoes, grab a leash and your best pal and walk.
It’ll do you and your furry friend a world of good.

Now that the weather has warmed up join us for TMD On The Go! Check the calendar for this months events and come join fellow dog lovers for outings in the Tri-State area.