Students graduate from remote collar dog training program

Congratulations to our newest TMD E-cademy grads. Bonnie Krupa of Muncie,IN Jim Wright of Wooster, OH and Laurie Spain of Winnebago, IL just completed our 10 day course. They are returning home with some new skills and fresh ideas to help the dogs in their area live more fulfilled lives. By adding remote collar training to their bag of tools they will be better prepared to give frustrated dog owners easier and faster results to every day problems like not coming when called or jumping on people.

The students spent 10 days here observing our lessons and participating in group classes, working with dogs from the shelter, their own dogs and TMD board and train dogs.
They received lots of hands on experience as well as daily lectures and discussions about problem solving and dog rehabilitation.

They were observed and evaluated each day and completed a written exam to test the breadth of what they had learned. I was proud to issue each of them a certificate of accomplishment. Bonnie, Jim and Laurie have been added to our referral list of graduates and I wish them great success.