Opinions About Remote Collar Training

I received this note from one of the K9 handlers at a recent workshop. Thought I would share his impressions of the event.

Hi Robin,

I hope your trip home was good.

I came out of your training with alot of useful information, I never used a remote collar and I guess you could say I was somewhat skeptical. I inititally thought that my dog’s behavior was good, had a good temperment, wasn’t stubborn and that I didn’t need a remote collar. I thought the “Shock Collar” would set my dog back, I learned that the remote collar does not “shock” my dog. When I took your training and only realized that my dog can be fine tuned! I’m open to other people’s ideas about dog training and yours proved to be well worth the time. I would and will recommend you and your company to any and all other dog owners.

Thanks Robin, John, Tommy & Briggs for all that you do!


Henry Bearheart
K9 Ferdo
St Croix Tribal Police