Is Your Dog In Charge?

I was in Fresno, CA recently instructing a dog training workshop on how to use electronic remote training collars. It was a good workshop, both the dogs and the humans in attendance made great progress with the training. However, we were all quickly reminded that sometimes dog will be dogs despite our best efforts at having control.

During a discussion session I stood up and left my seat to illustrate a point. As I spoke, giggles from the group bubbled up which caused me to turn and find my Belgian Malinois, Tommy making his own point to the audience. While I was distracted he had slyly made himself comfortable in my chair!


We all shared a good laugh over it and Tom, in his agreeable nature posed for some pictures to poke fun at the idea of who is really in charge of this relationship. At least he didn’t drink my latte’. 😉

For more feedback on the workshop and views on remote collar training check out my new blog, The Truth About Shock Collars. But be careful, What you don’t know might shock you! 🙂

Happy Training,