Grateful for the memories…

The mail came today and contained a box I had been anticipating.

It came from a lady named Deb. She has a company in Ohio called Nevations with the tag line “Memories preserved in glass”

Deb uses a kiln to do glass fusing, a technique she has practiced for some time. When her dog, Neva passed away suddenly she was struggling with the grief and wanted to find a way to preserve her memory. The idea of fusing Neva’s cremains in glass came about and in time a business idea was born.

Deb created a variety of mementos for me. Some pendants, some book marks, all with a tiny bit of Hero’s ashes embedded in the glass. They are lovely. Although I’ve never met her, I’m thankful for Neva because I’m thankful for what Deb could do to provide me a small way to keep my boy, Hero, with me. If you are interested in Deb’s work, you can find her here.

If you haven’t read Hero’s story, you should. While some of the details are particular to him, it is not just his story,  it is every dog who has belonged to a family that loved them.