From Dubuque to South Dakota, a good dog finds his way to a forever home.

Some of you may remember Morris or Bob or Stray Dog as we referred to him back in April when the un-neutered big black lab/coonhound mix wandered onto That’s My Dog! property in Southwest Wisconsin.

It was either this guys lucky day or he was just plain smart when he stopped in the dog training field for a sniff and let me walk up and put a lead on him. After tracking his expired Rabies tag we found the number for an owner (and I use that term lightly) who only lived a couple miles away that never bothered to call us back when we reported we had the dog in our kennel. Unfortunately such is the fate of some *farm dogs* who wander off property. The “that’ll learn em'” philosophy of dog training means if “he ain’t got enough sense to stick around, he’ll have to fend for himself or get hit on the road somewhere” …..course then joe calus will go get another pup who hopefully will have better sense than to behave like a normal dog who wanders unless taught otherwise…

but I digress and on to the good news..

Stray Dog learned a few things while hanging with us. A few simple rules that keep a good dog safe and make life a whole lot easier when sharing time and space with a dog. He learned to come when called, walk nice on a leash, not to jump on people and how to stay in one place when told. With that simple skill set of basic dog obedience and manners he was ready for the search of finding a family meant for him.

It took a couple months, but we’re happy to report that Stray Dog made his way to a family in South Dakota where it is reported he goes for a walk everyday, gets to go camping and loves to swim, plus visits Grandpa’s farm for regular big romps through the fields.

Oh, and most importantly his girl, Olivia, loves him deeply and gave him his new name: Pudge.

So Stray Dog didn’t do too bad for himself. 😉