Dubuque Dog Day School Opens it’s Doors to first Canine Students!

As dog owners it is important we recognize how to meet our dog’s needs each day. The popular TV trainer, Cesar Millan describes a dog’s needs as; exercise, discipline and affection (and in that order) We tend to agree with this basic philosophy and understand that having a well mannered companion depends on keeping those things in balance in a dog’s life.

The challenge for most pet owners is finding the time to adequately exercise the dog, practice a little obedience and then snuggle on the couch. Let’s face it, life seems to be continuously busier and busier now days. The “to do” list is forever long and by the time our day ends….the only part many of us do consistently is the “on the couch” part! 🙂

Here at That’s My Dog! we wanted to help
Dubuque and Tri-State dog lovers by offering a Doggie Day School program. So today was our first day and the five students that attended day one, played with each other and with our pack of 4, PLUS they learned there is a time and place to “chill out” on their mat, they went for individual walks and practiced the discipline of having to “heel”. They also worked on sitting politely and waiting their turn when we handed out snacks! We played fetch, a couple started to learn how to treadmill and we introduced “the egg” a very fascinating toy that seems impossible to catch! There was plenty of time to romp in the sun or to catch a nap in the shade and all in all it was a great day of dog obedience, learning and entertainment.

We are looking forward to watching this program grow and being able to help more dogs become balanced and less reactive around others. If you are interested in finding out what That’s My Dog! can do for your dog, please contact us for a FREE evaluation.