Dogs Training in Dubuque: How much can they learn in 90 minutes?

Today marked the first day of our final E-cademy program for this year. The TMD E-cademy is a continuing education course for dog professionals who wish to learn more about remote collar training for dogs. We currently have 3 students who have traveled here to the Dubuque, Iowa area to eat, sleep and breath dog training for the next 2 weeks.
We spend our days training dogs, teaching lessons and learning more about how electronic, remote collars can be useful in teaching obedience and rehabilitating behavior problems.

There are lots of questions and much discussion about this method of training…but the interesting comment I heard today from one of the attendees was “I just saw that dog learn more in one lesson than I have ever seen achieved in a six week training course.” I thought that was a pretty powerful statement. I also know that it is true and it is what we have been building the TMD reputation on for years.

The simple philosophy is to get to the heart of it right from the start. Help people with the problems that are most common in their everyday lives and get solutions as soon as possible. For us that means our first lesson takes care of teaching the dog to walk on a loose leash, stops the annoying behaviors like jumping up, stealing food and not letting go of things and teaches the dog to come when called. Not only do we cover these issues in the first lesson, we introduce the concepts to distractions too. Distractions are part of the world we live in so we figure we might as well help dog owners learn how to handle them when they come up. That way we create a well behaved companion that can be truly integrated into our everyday lifestyle.

So the first day for the students was a big one and we are just getting started with what is possible. Imagine what six weeks of training can create! 🙂