Dog Training Around the Cat?


Our dog training group class meets multiple times each week and we do our best to create situations that help dog owners learn to how tackle common problems. But sometimes you just can’t beat the unexpected opportunities that life brings to you. Like Midnight, the TMD resident cat. This feline has been here from the beginning (unlike many others that have come and gone). She is sort of the mascot in a weird way, or at least an icon around here.

She sleeps in the dog kennel in the winter, lounges on the fence lines taunting the pups who are trying their best and is notorious for sneaking into the training center. We had an incident the other day while practicing door bell etiquette in class, I opened the door and there she sat, looking just as indignant as ever that she had not actually been invited to the party!

Midnight is one savvy cat. We’ve been know to rely on her judgment in telling us which dogs really mean business and which just want to play. She reads predatory intent faster and with better accuracy than our brains can function. Guess that is why the old girl is still here after 10 years living on a property that sees 300 plus or minus new dogs come and go annually.

Pretty impressive.