Dog Training Adventures in Dubuque


People learn to train their dog for many reasons. Those dog training goals might be obedience competition, personal safety or an assistance animal but most commonly it is simply to create a better behaved dog that can be enjoyed as a true family companion. Most folks are just looking to stop their dog from dragging them down the street, jumping on everyone that comes to the door, come back when called or possibly to fix aggressive behaviors that have grown into real problems.

But too often the traditional obedience class is either too staged or too boring for real success. This is why we created That’s My Dog! On The Go. It is flat out, the coolest dog adventure going in the Dubuque, Iowa and surrounding Tri-State area.

As the weather warms we invite our friends to join us for dog activities in places like the Mines of Spain Recreation area (as pictured above from our latest class), the Dubuque Farmers Market or perhaps near the new Diamond Jo Casino right off of the Mississippi River. We’ll be out and about and really learning how to just relax and enjoy the dogs with their new found better behavior!

If you can’t join us in person, then learn the dog training secrets that give you the kind of results that gain Fido some real off leash freedom. Soon you will be out and about, confidently enjoying lots of canine adventures!