Dog Aggression and Related Medical Problems


In the professional dog training world it is crucial we understand the link between dog behavior problems and underlying medical problems. Often people come to us and describe their pet dog as being “hard headed”, “stubborn” or having problems with “unprovoked biting”. So often these descriptions go hand in hand with some underlying medical issues. The problems are often subtle and go un-noticed for some time and the dog ends up learning some really undesirable behaviors. The need for professional dog training becomes imperative but the necessity for medical intervention is the other part of the equation that will make the training *stick*. Proper training, good nutrition, adequate exercise and appropriate medical help when needed, all things we strive to help people learn more about because we know they want the best for their pets.

I’ve written a couple times regarding Luca, the GSD mix who came to us because of some serious aggression problems toward humans. While he was here we requested permission to take him to the veterinarian for some blood tests. As we suspected Luca’s results came back that he is in need of thyroid meds. He will be started on meds immediately and retested in 6 or so weeks to see how things are progressing. His training program went really well and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this piece of the puzzle will fill in the remaining bits that allow him to live a stable and happy life.