Does your dog like the snow?

The Dubuque area has been getting a record amount of snow this year. It is only mid-December and we have had to cancel several of our dog training classes due to the weather. But that hasn’t stopped the dogs from wanting to enjoy the outdoors. It doesn’t matter to them that it is cold or icy,  that the winds are howling or the drifts are higher than their noses!

After days of trying to avoid it, I finally decided to quit my whining, bundle up and get them out for some play. Actually they made the decision for me because their pent up energy from being in the house was making me a little crazy. One too many wrestling matches had to be stopped while I was trying to return phone calls so I figured it was worth the time to layer on all the clothes and head into the winter wonderland.

They each have their way of making up games. It is interesting how they use the snow to entertain themselves. Hero is like a kid in a candy store as he bounces from one drift to another. It is like he is testing which one might hold his weight and then joyfully discovers himself buried to the waist so he has to bounce out again. Diva does the shovel nose thing where she pushes through trying to find some treasure to uncover. And she loves to harass one of her big brothers into a wrestling match so she can get completely covered with those little ice balls that cling to her fluff. Of course Tom stands around obsessing for me to throw another shovel full of snow so that he can frantically attempt to “catch it”! And Ella, well she just stands at the door prancing, waiting to go back inside…princess.

Now they are all blissfully quiet and crashed out at my feet. A reminder to me not to short change them on the exercise even when I don’t feel like facing mother nature myself. Make sure you find the time for your furry ones despite the weather and the busy holiday schedule. And don’t forget that this weather can be as dehydrating as the summer heat. Make sure they have plenty of water on hand when you come back in.

Does your dog have a favorite snow activity? I’d love to hear about it.