Can remote collar training help fearful dogs?

Click on this link to open a video that tells the story.


The burning belief in much of the dog training world is you should NEVER use a Shock Collar on a dog that has fear issues. Of course I believe that is nothing more than a myth, propagated by people who just don’t have any real education about remote training collars or the training techniques that can be utilized with one.

It can be done and done exceedingly well. The proof is always in the pudding, as they say, which is why we document pretty much all of our work around here. One simply needs to have the knowledge of how to use a collar as a guidance system rather than a punishment.

Marley is an AWESOME dog and we are so happy to see her progress week to week. Each time, more confident, coming to class, hanging with all the other dogs and people and learning to just “be a dog”

Good Dog Marley!