AKC Canine Good Citizens: Good Dog Training for Your Pet

Congratulations to all the new AKC Canine Good Citizens that have come through our dog training program! I haven’t written in a while due to all the activity that has been going on here. We’ve had students at the dog training school and lots of classes and just a buzz of activity but I promised I would not go to bed tonight until i had congratulated all the responsible dog owners who have recently added the title Canine Good Citizen to their list of accomplishments with their companions.

So for Thunder the Doberman, Cayenne the Heeler, Max the Visla, Mischief the Labrador, Jackson the GoldenDoodle, Archie the mixbreed, Maiah the Rottweiler and Briggs the Boxer, congratuations! You guys deserve a big scratch and an extra treat. Your owners deserve a round of applause for their dedication to training you well and demonstrating that dogs of any size, shape, and breed can become a well manner member of society.

Well done! Ok now I get to get some zzzz’s and snuggle with my pack.