A First Rate Team Runs That’s My Dog!

Yesterday turned into a pretty amazing day. My team surprised me with a gift to celebrate 10 years in business for That’s My Dog! I was wondering why everyone was still hanging out after 5 pm when typically Tuesday evenings mean just me on the property getting ready to teach the puppy class. Well, suddenly, Mike Brannon a client of ours who owns Brannon Monuments pulls a big truck in the yard and unloads this gorgeous piece of granite with our logo chiseled in it. What a surprise and an awesome gift!

It took a few minutes for me to collect myself, but it started a whole evening of thinking how fortunate I am to have such a great staff of folks here. The current crew; Anna, Annalissa, Liz, Duane and John keep the place running (much of the time without me since I’m on the road or working on other projects) Their dedication, skills and excellent attitudes towards cooperation and achievement make my work a pleasure day after day.

And I owe a big thanks to some folks who have come before this current group, to Renee who worked her tail off which allowed me opportunity to expand in different areas, to Ann, who was always a ray of sunshine, to Jana who turned the office into a manageable and recognized working space and to Jake Allen, my first employee…..well without you we would not have cleared the land, cleaned the buildings out and got er’ done. And of course to my amazing kids, Max and Maddie, you are the continual source of inspiration and fresh ideas.

10 years running a business has taught me a lot! Dog knowledge, people knowledge and greater business skill, 2008 is a good place to be and the future is bright! Of course there have been those folks who have been here that taught me not everyone is a team player. Some just have their own interesting agendas but I’d have to thank them too, cause it made me wiser. And wisdom is a good thing to have on our side as we move to a whole new playing field.

Life is good and dogs rule!

Thank you to my current team, especially the girls since you are all here full time, you have touched my heart very much today.