A decade of Dedication to the Dogs!

May 2008. It is our ten year anniversary at That’s My Dog! Inc. I started training dogs in the early 90’s but it was not until May 1998 that I embarked on the journey of doing this as a full time profession. I opened an office in Dubuque, Iowa at that time, it was just me and a few clients that I had worked with in previous years.
Going full time was the commitment I had made to myself while recovering from a serious auto accident in Oct. 97. That accident had given me opportunity to reflect on what I really wanted to focus my life and career on. Previously I had been working full time as a veterinary technician and hospital manager, but it was helping people understand dogs, their physcology and how to fix their behavioral problems that really motivated me to pursue dog training as a career. I haven’t looked back for one second. It has been an absolutely amazing ten years. I’ve had wonderful opportunities to work alongside of some great dog trainers, I’ve served on a variety of boards and organizations and been given opportunity to present workshops in some fabulous locations to great groups of people. I intend to spend some time blogging this year on some of the memories, some of the dogs I will never forget and the amazing creature we share our lives with, Dogs!!

For now, a few quotes that we’ve pulled from our client feedback forms. Every bit of this work has been rewarding and you guys are why we keep growing and moving forward. Thank you for the past 10, we look forward to many more!!

It is so good to know that Robin and staff are available to help and go over problems that as an owner you find frustrating and in the end turn out rather simple if you just continue to work. Regina Riley (Tatum)

There are two big differences in your programs from all the others: 1 your knowledge of dogs and experiences in training them. 2. The personal touch involved with the dog and their owners. Patti and Jim Luksetich (Chester)

I’m so happy such a service exists. I enjoyed the private lessons with Sam & felt we are both better for the experience. Sam is such a good dog. He is even better now that he has manners. Joey Fautsch (Sam)

We enjoyed it all the way through. Thank you well done. Betty & Dale Sander (Ozzy)

Excellent program. From the introduction, throughout the classes, the trainers have been helpful, supportive, cooperative and encouraging – no easy task with a class of 5 to 10 dogs. Thanks Sandee & Robert Merrick (Sadie & Ozzie)

We never imagined Murphy would be so obedient at such a young age. We looked forward to going to class and so did Murphy it was obviously fun for her too. Dan & Amy Norton (Murphy)

Every instructor is great. Robin, you have put together a great team. Joel Streich & Caroline Streich (Lilly)

Robin – You’re extraordinarily gifted in your calling and in mentoring your students. Your passion for, understanding of and professionalism for your work is remarkably evident. While it’s wonderful to have Sam integrated into our family now, discovering That’s My Dog! as a great resource was equally wonderful. Doug Donald & Lenore Howard (Sam)