5 Simple Things You Need to Know About House Breaking Your Dog

We know you love your dog. Fluffy makes you laugh with those antics, encourages you to get outside for more fresh air and is great to snuggle with when watching late night movies.

But seriously you’re sick and tired of picking up those tootsie rolls left in the hallway right?
If you step in another wet spot on the carpet you’re going to scream.

You take the dog outside multiple times each day and yet it seems as soon as you come back in, the whining to go back out starts. Or worse yet, there is no whining just a squat and pee right there by the door. What’s up with that?!

If you are frustrated with your dog’s potty habits there is good news, your dog is not being vindictive or trying to relay some message of malcontent. The truth is, your pooch is actually confused about where the toilet is. And un-confusing Fido isn’t really all that complicated.

Housebreaking boils down to 5 simple things that you need to know to create a reliable dog that will “hold it” come hell or high water. Once you understand the elements of:

1. Supervision
2. Feeding
3. Outside access
4. What to do about accidents
5. How to reward or discipline behaviors
You will be on your way to years of less stress and more of the good stuff enjoying your dog.

We’ve wrapped up all this information in our simple to understand, Housebreaking Guide. Whether you have a new puppy that you want to start on the right paw or an older dog that you’ve struggled to get real success with, now the information is available.

Believe it or not, your dog can actually learn how to go on command! How awesome would that be on those days when it is cold and rainy and you’ve already circled the neighborhood twice without success?

The TMD Housebreaking Guide, a $6.95 investment that might save your carpet!