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Wilma Via Jerry Adams DVM

I have been a veterinarian for 25 years and in my opinion Robin MacFarlane’s, “That’s My Dog” training provides dog instruction in a professional, gentle manner with great success. I know this as client. Robin observed our interactions with our pets and then used her knowledge to diagnosis the behavioral problems and to teach us communication methods which enabled us to quickly and easily relate to our dog and earn their respect.

We have two Schnauzers that we love dearly. When we arrived home from work, our pets were in control. We wanted to be able to take our pets for walks without being pulled along. We also needed lots of help with our pets being very territorial and barking uncontrollably when company arrived. Our new dog, Wilma had bitten several times and we couldn’t get little Wilma to stop being aggressive toward strangers.

Robin quickly taught us how to demonstrate calm leadership and with the help of remote collar training she is now calm, submissive and we are not fearful of her biting. It was a quick and amazing transformation. Wilma is a happier pet. The methods for remote collar training are humane and effective. Understanding the “Pack Mentality” rather than treating our pets as humans and teaching pet owners how to best relate to dogs is the foundation of “That’s My Dog” training. Robin has years of rigorous training education and has perfected her understanding and implementation of this proven & effective system.