Kelly via Tana

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how amazing this collar is!! Now, I can enjoy Kelly so much more knowing that half my energy won’t go into making sure I have her under control and listening to me. I was beginning to think I didn’t do a very good job with her training, but now I am confident I did a good job with her and the e collar is allowing the real training to show through. I had spent time each day training, and had gone from flat collar, to martingale, to prong collar with no real change. When I lastly went to a smaller prong, for a stronger correction, she basically shut down. Then, I knew if was correction that was needed, it was getting her attention to do the commands I knew she had learned. That is when I spent several weeks researching the use of the remote training, and found YOU from searching the internet.

From your facility we went on to Dubuque, got a room at the casino, and stayed over. She actually was a perfect dog, trouble was, so many people wanted to talk to me, I hardly had time to gamble. I took her for a few walks near the river, and it was fantastic. No lunging or taking time for all the pee mail, it was great. I think she actually seems to be enjoying it more. I don’t know if it is because she isn’t being corrected all the time, or if she just doesn’t have to worry about checking everything out. It makes one wonder if it truly does offer the dog relaxation because they don’t feel they have to control or check everything, if that makes sense. She acted amazing yesterday and last night, and everyone commented on her behavior, as they have many service dogs visit. It really made me feel so much better to not have to be constantly checking her with my right hand, while touching the handle with the left hand. So effortless, I am still amazed today.

I highly recommend this method to anyone, and thank you for helping me out. I appreciate your staff in working to arrange a time that worked best for me also. Frankly, I think you need to have a seminar in this area, all that is available is is “old school” or clicker training. I attempted a few classes, but had difficulty hearing or with dogs out of control that owners couldn’t handle and I was fearful of getting knocked over. I am looking forward to each outing now, knowing that half my energy won’t go into maintaining control.

Kindest regards,

Tana (and Kelly, Assistance Dog)