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Eike via Jed Baehr

I have been meaning to write this letter for some time now. I would like to thank both you and your staff for the tremendous training that we, Eike and I, have already received, and are still receiving. I must admit that I was slightly hesitant about puppy/ basic obedience training with an e-collar initially; however, after seeing the tremendous difference after only one session, it was clear to me that I had made the right choice in training with you and your staff. Not only was there a vast improvement, but he enjoyed the classes and workouts as well.

As you know, I attended both your school and another more traditional, highly recommended local puppy/obedience school simultaneously. It was amazing to see not only the speed with which he learned the basics through your facility, but also his retention of those skills. The other participants and even the instructors at the traditional facility were amazed at how well he was doing, so much so, that one of them stated that he was already able to complete the majority of tasks required for the canine good citizen (CGC) title through AKC which is their intermediate level (two classes above the level he was enrolled in).

I believe that both methods accomplish the same goals, provided that the owner/handler is both prepared and willing to put forth the effort and reinforce the training at home and not just in class. However, there was a noticeable difference pertaining to the speed with which the pup learned and his retention of the learned behaviors performed using the e-collar training he received through your institution. My experience through your school has changed my outlook on the efficacy and humanity of initial training involving the use of e-collars. I would go so far as to say that as long as the trainer/handler is properly trained and instructed on their use, the use of an e-collar is not only as humane, if not even more humane and easy on the dog, as more traditional methods, but also more effective in that one sees noticeable and lasting results much sooner through the use of an e-collar.

That being said, perhaps the best illustration of the humanity and efficacy of training with the use of an e-collar is my willingness to make the 2 ½ hour one-way drive, often multiple times per week, to train and learn how to incorporate this style of training into our everyday lives. I don’t hesitate to recommend both your facility and methods when individuals ask how or where they should train their dog. I cannot thank you and your staff enough.


Jed Baehr – South Beloit, IL