Buster Via The Fiebelkorn’s

My husband and I have a darling 6 month old Scottish terrier named Buster. Having had terriers in the past, and loving their terrier “characteristics”, we knew that after having to put down our beloved 13 year old Cairn terrier, we would once again welcome a terrier into our family. Scruffy had serious aggression “issues” with other dogs. He was perfect with kids and adults but hideous and scary with other dogs. He hated motorcycles, garbage trucks and door bells. It was a problem that we never addressed and that was a BIG mistake. Scruffy’s “issues” were more about me being fearful that if we disciplined Scruffy we would hurt his feelings. I was intimidated and uneducated and as a result, Scruffy became (lovingly) known by family members as the Cairn “terrorist”.

When we were looking for an obedience program for Buster, my husband’s co-worker referred us to “That’s My Dog” and it was the BEST advice we have ever been given. We started out with Puppy Pre-school that was taught by Robin and Kelly. Buster loved it and I learned SO much. I gained confidence in my ability to discipline and teach Buster and Robin taught us basic techniques that I could easily apply at home. Then we had Buster signed up for one week of day care and he came home exhausted and happy. He had so much fun. I brought him in one day and Liz (lovingly) called Buster the “snapping dragon” which was funny at the time but I knew his “snapping dragon” behavior wouldn’t be funny for long. Then, per Robin’s gentle “urging” we signed Buster up for one week of the Remote Collar training. Buster graduates today from the program.

I can not believe what just one week of the training has done for Buster and for me. He would never walk with me or if he did he would be ahead of me or behind me and if we saw other people he would go nuts. Now when we walk, he is calm and I feel like I have more control of Buster because of the education I have received and it is a great feeling. When I use the simple commands I learned in the training, he listens. It is amazing to say the least. We owe it to Buster and to ourselves to do everything we can to see that we have a long and wonderful life together. I have no doubt that we will and we have That’s My Dog, Robin, Kelly, Liz and the others to thank for teaching Buster and I so much. You will never find a more dedicated group of people! You’ll be giving you and your family the greatest gift by enrolling in the classes at That’s My Dog.

– Lori,Rod & Buster Fiebelkorn