I swear you are a miracle worker! I walked McGwinn on our regular walk this morning, and he required only 2-3 prompts during the 40 minutes not to get out ahead of my knee. When I walked him last night, I thought he was just tired and would be his typical self (out front and needing constant taps to stay back) by the morning. But, no! This morning he actually walked by my leg without constant reminders and offered many times eye contact or a nudge at my hand with his nose. I’m thrilled! It was SO different! It was almost like he was saying, “Hey! Look at me! I’m doing the heel command right!” He was smiling and happy the whole time.

I’ve been meaning to write this many times since we’ve enrolled at That’s My Dog. You are a wonderful teacher, for both dogs and humans. I am a special ed. teacher myself, and I know how hard it can be to have patience and enthusiasm for the same things over and over. You show no favorites in class to either humans or particular dogs (although you must have your favorites!) and are always patient and positive with your feedback. I really appreciate your ways of teaching and making each class interesting and informative. Plus, McGwinn has made HUGE progress in walking, jumping up, mouthing, coming when called, and just listening to us. I was not enthusiastic about using an e-collar for McGwinn but seeing how fast he has progressed, it made me want to continue to practice and teach him more. Thanks so much for all your help and wonderful work with both McGwinn and Jerry and I. We really appreciate it!