Robin MacFarlane

Back in 1994, Robin made the decision to help create change in the lives of dogs and their owners. While working full time as a vet tech, she began teaching classes and instructing dog owners as a part time pursuit. After a life altering event in the fall of 1997, she decided that training was her true passion and went full time into the profession. She launched That’s My Dog! in May of 1998.

Through the years, Robin’s work has led her to travel across North America and abroad teaching pet professionals, K9 handlers, and private pet owners.

Her expertise in electronic training collars has helped thousands of people increase their dog’s performance and off-leash reliability while decreasing behavior problems ranging from OCD to aggression issues.

Robin possesses the ability to ‘read’ dogs and formulate techniques for them as individuals. Through patient instruction, Robin focuses attention on what her clients want rather than what they wish to avoid in terms of their dog’s behaviors, and this makes Robin stand out in the dog training industry.

After a rewarding 24 year run at the helm of That’s My Dog!, Robin sold the business to the current owner, Sherry Moore, to provide more time to travel to continue to help dog owners and other professional trainers throughout the country.

Robin is a sought-after expert dog behavior specialist in the dog training industry and That’s My Dog! is fortunate to have her as a guiding mentor now and in the future!

You can read Robin’s full bio here!

Past Director, IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals)
Past Conference Chair, IACP
American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #9431
American Red Cross Animal First Aid Instructor
Professional Member IACP (P#1046) & IACP CDT (Certified Dog Trainer)
Professional Member, National K9 Dog Trainers Association
Dogtra Company Pro Staff Trainer & Consultant