Madeline MacFarlane

Madeline has been a part of the That’s My Dog! family since the company’s inception in 1998. Being Robin’s daughter, Maddie grew up helping with kennel chores, group classes, and any other odd jobs she could manage. She has always been heavily involved in the business, having shown an interest and love for dogs and the training process from a young age.

As the years went on, Maddie continued her work with TMD. She created her own small business in 2006, “Mad-Hatter’s” making dog toys and bandanas to sell through TMD and during training events. After she completed the E-Cademy program in 2009, Maddie began more dog training work at That’s My Dog!, and she has joined Robin for seminars traveling across North America as her training assistant.

After the completion of her Master’s Degree in 2019, Maddie accepted a full-time position with That’s My Dog! as their Marketing Manager. Using her years of photography and design experience, she enjoys the creativity of this position in creating content to help the business grow and thrive.

Bachelor of Science – Mass Communications l St. Cloud State University l 2017
Master of Science – Sports Management l St. Cloud State University l 2019
E-Cademy Certification l That’s My Dog! l 2009