Kat Marner

Kat has been surrounded with dogs most of her life, getting her first family dog at they oung age of three, and adopting her first rescue dog in 2007, just after graduating high-school.  She has always felt that working with animals brought purpose and passion into her life and has enjoyed working previously at pet hospitals, boarding kennels, and pet supply stores. Kat is also involved in working to help rescue and place homeless dogs. She works closely with a local rescue, Homeward Bound Siberian Husky Rescue, as a foster. She has frequently found inspiration in her personal foster dogs, thoroughly appreciating their ability to live in the present moment. 

Kat joined TMD as ourOffice Manager in July 2018 and has been a very valuable addition! Besides keeping busy at TMD, Kat is also a yoga teacher, who completed her certification locally in Dubuque at B-1Yoga studio.

Kat feels fortunate to live this life of fulfillment right here and Dubuque with her son, her rescue dogs, several cats, and a bearded dragon!