Whistle Training


Want to improve your dog’s recall? Are you interested in teaching something fun and new with your dog? Need to give your voice a break and have an easier time calling your dog in from long distances?

Next Clinic is August 28th, 2019 (6:00 PM)


Join our Whistle Training Clinic and we’ll show you how to teach your dog to come when called, and Sit in response to whistle cues.

This clinic is fun and easy for everyone from novice owners to advanced. Perfect for dog owners that like to hike, bike, or run the dog off leash in open areas where voice control can be more challenging.

Bring your dog, a long line, your dog’s favorite toy and a bag of yummy treats. We’ll supply the dog whistles and the education to add this fun new skill to your dog’s learning.

Next Clinic is Wed. August 28th. 6PM
Register today. Class size is limited to 10 dog/handler teams!



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