Insect Shield Dog Blanket (Large)


Insect Shield Dog Blankets are comfortable lightweight blankets for your dog to rest on which offer odorless protection from insects and other pests without posing a threat to your dog’s health. They are available in green and orange styles. They are available in two sizes. This is the larger size, measuring at 74” x 56”.

  • The pest repellent Insect Shield Dog Blanket offers a portable, comfortable, lightweight place to rest
  • Great for indoor/outdoor activities including camping trips and picnics
  • Available in Green or Orange
  • 74″ x 56″
  • Green
  • Orange


Insect Shield Dog Blankets are great portable resting spots for your dog, whether you are indoors or outdoors. These blankets come in two sizes: 56”x48” and 74”x56”. This is the larger (74”x56”) blanket. The blankets come in your choice of green or orange coloring. Like any Insect Shield product, these blankets offer effective protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, midges, and chiggers. This protection is both safe and durable, lasting 25 wash cycles for the blankets, according to Insect Shield.


Additional Information:

  • Colors: Green, Orange
  • Size: 74” x 56”
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry (do not put in dryer).
  • Caution: Do not re-treat this product with other insect repellents containing permethrin.

Additional information


Green, Orange


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